Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ian is Now #2 in the CBWL/IOWL

News Flash: The CBWL (child basket wrestling league) and the IOWL (inanimate object wrestling league) have just merged to form the CBWL/IOWL. You will remember that we brought you an update in January regarding Ian's ranking in the league: he was ranked number one after a convincing victory over the magazine basket. A new challenger just joined the league the other day, and he goes by the name of "Elephant Rolling Thingy" (thanks, Uncle Jon, for the gift of such an accomplished competitor). As the video below shows, Ian was dethroned in a mere 4 seconds and now is ranked number two in the league.

Cute Kid

We certainly are biased, but we think that Ian and this outfit from friends Kim and Ellen really go well together. Momma commented earlier today that this is her favorite Ian outfit right now.

Some New Skills

Ian is readily using his hands in certain ways when he hears specific words. For instance, when Ian hears "yay" or the word "clap," he will clap his hands. When Ian hears "bye, bye," he will move his fingers in a waving manner. The most impressive association is pictured above. When Ian hears the word "airplane" or actually hears one of the propeller planes flying above our home, he makes the ASL sign for plane (looks like a capital letter "L" made with the thumb and first finger). Click on this picture to enlarge the image.
Ian is exploring the skills needed to stand up on his own.
Ian is a big fan of this learning center toy.

Supposed to be Taking a Nap

Momma decided to capture a video of Ian going down for a nap this week. least she thought he was going to be settling down for a nap.

Great Times with Papa

Ian and Papa had quite a bit of fun last weekend imitating and copying one another.

Smiles with Grammy

Grammy and Ian shared many laughs and smiles while together last weekend.

Fun with Uncle Andrew

Uncle Andrew and Ian come around the "table" to discuss the pull-along puppy toy.
Who has better tooth brushing form...Ian or Uncle Andrew?
Andrew is very loving and was right there to catch Ian if he would fall while standing in front of the couch.

Hanging Out with Aunt Sarah

We had a great time in Albuquerque last weekend. Aunt Sarah and Uncle Andrew even came to Grammy and Papa's house to spend some time with the family. Ian really had a good time hanging out with Sarah. In the picture above, Sarah has just challenged Ian to attempt to shake the red apple toy so fast that a camera would have trouble clearly capturing the image. Look below to see how Ian did.
"Challenge??...what challenge??" Ian
Like at Christmas, Aunt Sarah spent some time last weekend taking great pictures of everyone. Ian loves it when people play on the floor with him.
Aunt Sarah and Ian are showing off their pearly whites.

The video above shows us that Ian still needs to work on turning while crawling.

Unique Sleeping Positions

When you have time, try falling asleep in either of these two positions. If you have trouble mastering the technique, Ian is available to answer questions and give you pointers.

Fun with Caleb

"This black block surely tastes better than that orange hat you have in your mouth, Caleb." Ian