Sunday, November 23, 2008

Week 16

Kim's sixth grade class completely surprised her on Friday with a wagon FULL of baby supplies. The families contributed money to purchase the gift from the school's recent silent auction. They also gave me some gift cards to Carrabba's to satisfy the pizza & Italian food cravings I've had lately. God has truly blessed me with a thoughtful, generous group of students & parents!

This weekend we put together the crib we had purchased from one of Matt's co-workers. Next sheets and blankets ... and soon, a baby!

Kim's "baby bump" continues to grow slowly but surely. Some of my pants are officially too tight and uncomfortable to wear anymore. Thankfully a pregnant friend has loaned me her "Bella Bands" so that I can wear my own clothes a little bit longer.

Home Improvements

Our new dining room furniture was delivered yesterday! We're so excited to not have an empty room anymore! We'll need to invite friends over to dinner soon so we can use our new table. :)

Handy-man Matt stripped and re-stained our front door. (It wasn't looking so good after Hurricane Ike.) Now, it looks as good as new!