Saturday, July 31, 2010

A fun July

Pondering life's deepest thoughts
Our little streaker
Ian likes watching Daddy mow the lawn and will often stand by the window buzzing his lips while he hears the motor sound. Daddy gave Ian a special treat and carried him during part of the backyard mow. Ian was in heaven!
Ian has consistently been saying "poop" right before he dirties his diaper. So, we thought, why not introduce the potty chair, even though it is a little early?
So far, Ian is mostly fascinated with being able to get off (and sometimes on) it by himself, even though he hasn't used it as a potty yet.

Watch the above video to see one of Ian's most random, recent discoveries/interests!
So sweet!!

Ian has wanted to take a book to bed the past few nights. We like watching on our video baby monitor as he pages through the book a little before laying down beside it.
We went to a fun play date at Brooke's house with Zane, Brooke, and Caleb.
Ian is showing more and more that he has strong opinions about some things ... "No more pictures, Momma!"
We take time most days for a splash in the pool. Ian will often stay in the pool for 45 minutes or more, filling and empty cups and buckets. He comes out looking like a wrinkly prune!
Painting with pudding was a highlight this week.
Ian had fun squishing the pudding,
putting it on his body,
spreading it all over the tray,
and eating it!

Here's a video of him playing with the pudding.
Friends Mike and Kati and their sweet boy, Caleb, babysat Ian so Matt and Kim could go to an Astros game. Ian had a great time! So did Momma and Daddy!
A generous parent had donated some amazing tickets to Concordia.
We enjoyed the game, and it was exciting ... even though the Reds beat the Astros in the end.

The fireworks afterward were a particular highlight!
Lately, Ian has been fascinated with phones.
He'll carry one around and constantly say, "Hello" or "bye-bye."

A silly face ...
He's also discovered that there's JUST enough room for him to walk behind the couch in our living room,
even though he often bonks his head on the wall while walking.

We've been having fun watching our garden grow. Ian likes helping to water and pick, although he doesn't quite realize that vegetables need to grow to a certain size before you pick them!

Ian has a new fascination with opening and closing doors, even though he can't open them yet.

He doesn't seem to mind being all closed in to the laundry room.

Ian enjoys TRYING to eat from a spoon.

Fun with Grandma in Texas

We were SO excited that Grandma accepted Ian's invitation to travel back with us from Camp Cilca to Texas. We drove to Little Rock, Arkansas, the first night and all enjoyed yummy Mongolian BBQ at Genghis Grill. Ian loved having a second entertainer in the backseat who had a whole new array of songs, rhymes, and toys! (Let's face it ... Momma's tricks were getting a little old! :))

We got back home on Friday night. Then, the fun of showing Grandma some of Ian's favorite activities began! Saturday morning, we went to the Houston Zoo together!! The monkey exhibit seemed to be Ian's favorite during this trip.
Grandma also took Ian on his first-ever carousel ride.

This visit, Ian actually understood that he could pet and brush the goats in the petting zoo.
He enjoyed it so much that he didn't even want to take a time-out from brushing the goats for a picture!

Grandma quickly learned JUST how to make Ian smile and laugh."I love having you visit, Grandma." --Ian
On Sunday after church, we went to the fountains at Market Street in The Woodlands. Not surprisingly, Ian LOVED playing in the water ...
... and even purposely stuck his face in the stream of water.
Grandma splashed around with Ian a little bit, too.
This will definitely be a place we'll visit again soon!
On Monday afternoon, Ian introduced Grandma to "lap sit" (story time) at the library ... and how much he likes walking around to greet the other children, listening to the songs & stories, and playing with the parachute.
Ian loved every minute with Grandma! It was sad to see her go home on Tuesday morning. Come back soon, Grandma!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Finally to Camp Cilca!

We finished our trip by spending several days with many of Matt's relatives at Camp Cilca in central Illinois. Ian really had fun playing with Grandpa and Grandma Schleicher and was able to meet a lot of new people as well. Grandpa is showing Ian some of the basics of basketball outside the main cabin.
Grandma took this opportunity to tell Ian about the stacking containers.
Erin was quick to help Ian launch his first screaming balloon. There will come a time when Ian will be able to catch the released balloons just like the older kids were doing. Lots of fun!!
"Grandpa...these rocks look very similar to the ones we have in Texas." Ian
One of the many highlights of our time at Camp Cilca was introducing Ian to Great-Grandma Schleicher.
Peek-a-boo, Sandra! Ian enjoyed playing in the cardboard maze that Mark and Mike (Matt's cousins) created for the kids.
We enjoyed the nightly family devotions, including fun songs! Mike even let Ian help play the guitar!
The Frisbee golf crew ... thanks to professional frisbee golf players, Luke and Paul, we all learned a few pointers!
swinging in the park while Daddy and Grandpa played tennis
Thanks for the ride, Grandma!
Great-Grandma Schleicher surrounded by the great-grandchildren ... Kayla, Nate, Chloe, Carissa, Erin, Ian, Jordan, and Joel. This is the only picture where Ian was NOT putting his finger up his nose. :)
craft time with Grandma and Grandma ... what fun!
Grandpa and Ian play at the sand along the "beach" while others went swimming in the lake
Ian was super excited about all of the fun toys that Grandpa and Grandma brought along from Michigan! This mower was one of his favorites.

What a fun trip! Thank you, Lord, for safe travels and a GREAT time with family and friends!