Thursday, October 22, 2009

Video Time

What is Ian Up To These Days?

Starting to suck his thumb after five months of not sucking his thumb.
Playing with kitchen utensils.
Not being completely thrilled with his lion Halloween costume...
...but smiling immediately after Momma took the costume off.
Grilling with Daddy.
Grabbing his toes and loving it.
Eating carrots, squash, and bath water.
Sitting on his own.

Spectacular Days at the Balloon Fiesta

The Creamland Cow "Airabelle" is Kim's long-time favorite special shape.
Seeing the Special Shapes Glow-deo from a distance made it even more amazing!

Matt loved his first experience at the balloon fiesta. Can you see Andrew in this picture?? :)

We paused to take a picture with two "zebras," volunteers who direct the balloon traffic and seem to love to dress the part.
Matt's favorite special shapes were the bees that can connect and disconnect. Here the pilots coordinated a bee kiss! :)

Fun in Albuquerque

Aunt Sarah took some really neat pictures during our time together.

Sarah even captured a photo of Ian's first time in the high chair.
Ian puts EVERYTHING in his mouth. Here, he's taking a lunge at Momma's shoulder.
Ian has learned the art of "scooching" by arching his back ...
... and going lower and lower until he gets stuck! :)
Ian accompanied Grammy, Momma, and "Grandma Caroline" to the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. After only a few minutes of watching the dancing and listening to the music, Ian decided he was ready for a nap!
Ian had fun with Grandma Caroline (Kim's teaching friend from Michigan).
Ian loves to "fly."

I love Grammy and Papa!

Ian still likes trying to stand up! Thanks for the help, Grammy!
Ian is fascinated with other people's mouths ... sometimes he tries to touch ...
... and other times he just gazes with interest.
Watching the Cardinals on line is fun!
So is listening to Grammy read stories!Ian's favorite line of the story is "Baby Elmo is SO big!" while he watches Elmo's big eyes.
Ian greeted the members of Immanuel after church with Pastor Papa.
Ian says, "I love Grammy and Papa!"

I love Aunt Sarah and Uncle Andrew!

It was such a blessing that our time in Albuquerque overlapped with Uncle Andrew and Aunt Sarah. They stopped through NM on their way to Andrew's next traveling physical therapy assignment in Las Vegas. We were able to celebrate Sarah's (early) birthday, attend the balloon fiesta together, and just have some wonderful family time! For even more pictures of our time together, check out Drew and Sarah's amazingly creative blog ...
Andrew taught Ian the fine art of pull-ups on the clothesline.
Tummy time with Andrew was actually fun!
Aunt Sarah read Ian stories, even acting things out as she read!
Grammy and Aunt Sarah taught Ian some dance moves.
Aunt Sarah even let Ian play with her jewelry ... maybe that's because a jewelry-maker can easily fix any mishaps! :)
Ian loved to giggle when Uncle Andrew would jump out from behind Mommy's back and say "peek-a-boo."
Ian says, "I love Aunt Sarah ...
... and Uncle Andrew!"

Ian's first flight

Ian rode his first airplane on September 30th when we flew from Houston to Albuquerque. The flight was smooth and Ian slept nearly the entire way, only crying for a few minutes right before take off. At the end of the flight, Ian received a "first flight" certificate and got to shake hands with the pilot.