Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Funny words

Ian continues to enjoy talking and repeating words that we say. As he's starting to say multi-syllable words, though, sometimes we just can't help cracking up! This video shows some of our favorite words Ian can (sort of) say. :)


When we went to Burroughs Park with some friends this week, one of Ian's highlights was seeing crunchy fall LEAVES! He loved running through them, covering his shoes with them, and throwing them in the air! What a blessing it is to enjoy the simple things through the eyes of a child!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A GREAT visit with Grandpa & Grandma

Last Thursday morning, Ian and Momma made a sign to welcome Grandpa and Grandma to our house.
Later that day, Grandpa and Grandma arrived!! Ian warmed up to them almost immediately and started calling them "Me-maw" and "Pe-paw." (See the videos for Ian playing with Grandpa and Grandma the evening they arrived.)

Grandma brought Ian lots of special gifts. One of his favorites was this book -- "The Wheels on the Bus." He asked to read it again and again.
Matt took the day off of school on Friday to spend more time with his parents. The five of us went to the Woodlands Children's Museum. Ian seemed to remember it and found the rubber mulch pit right away!

Daddy teaches Ian how to find the best fruits and vegetables at the grocery store.
Grandpa teaches Ian the importance of eating vegetables every single day!
Grandma teaches Ian how to use a stove.
Momma teaches Ian how to push a train through the tunnel.
Ian teaches Grandpa how to stack the wooden rings.
Ian enjoyed splashing and playing with the toys in the water table.

Ian attempted to make a crayon rubbing and was super happy to get the chance to scribble.
He also enjoyed decorating the black cat with the yellow dot painter and then putting on eye stickers.

We went to a park for a picnic lunch after the museum.
Pretend that Kim is cropped out of this cute picture. ;) Ian had a great time playing on the playground after lunch.

Some ladies at the park told us about three baby kittens that someone had abandoned in the trees. Ian was SO happy to give them some attention,
including plenty of hugs and kisses.
What a busy morning!

On Friday night, we went to Mel's in Tomball to enjoy their fried catfish and hamburgers. We even witnessed someone eating their mega burger (about 10 hamburgers, 6 tomatoes, a head of lettuce, etc.) ... in only 20 minutes flat!

Then, we went to Concordia's football game!

On Saturday morning, Grandma and Grandpa took Ian to his first pumpkin patch. He wasn't a huge fan of posing for the camera,
but he did love trying to pick the pumpkins up!!

And he even tried rolling the pumpkins around (see video).

We went on a train ride around the pumpkin patch/Christmas tree farm! What fun!

Later that day, Grandpa played with Ian on the swing set!

Grandpa and Grandma even babysat Ian so Momma and Daddy could attend Concordia's dinner auction. (Ian LOVED his time with Me-maw and Pe-paw!)
On Sunday after church, we played outside with sidewalk chalk and even went to feed the turtles.

Grandma and Grandpa gave Ian an early Christmas present ... toy power tools.
Ian loved the tape measure
the lantern, the drills, and the saw,
even though he refused to wear his protective goggles. ;)

We ALL loved our time with Grandpa and Grandma. Thanks for making the long trip so that we could make some wonderful memories. We're already looking forward to seeing you at Christmas! Come back and see us again soon!