Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Microwave

We got a new microwave yesterday. I am making sure it is centered.
One final step. Kim enjoyed some popcorn last night, so the new microwave passed the ultimate test.

Reaching Video

Ian really enjoys pointing at and reaching for lights and the pull-strings on our ceiling fans.

Is that another tooth?

If you click on this picture, you will get a better view of Ian's sixth tooth (top--on the left as you look at his face).

Fun at the Park

Ian loves to swing at the small park near our home.

Ian's New Workout Routine

Feel free to try these moves at home--Ian is willing to give you pointers if you are having trouble perfecting them on your own. Move One (above): Safely get into a crawling position. Be sure that you thin your lips and open your eyes nice and wide as you do this.
Move Two (for advanced athletes only): While you are tucking your left arm under your body, swing your right leg up and over your left leg. Focus your eyes on an imaginary spot on the ground about five inches in front of you.
Move Three: Look at your toes as you get into an exaggerated push-up position. For those wanting a challenge, hold a pink slipper in your left hand as you perform this move.
Move Four: Make a "kissy face" as you lift your eyes in a typical push-up position. For those who have mastered the basic move, place a slippery advertisement under one of your hands to continue working on balance and coordination.

The Basket Battle

Ian and the magazine basket clashed the other night. Here are the round-by-round highlights. Round One (above): Ian grabbed the basket as it was trying to escape.
Round Two: Ian gazes at the basket and wonders how it could possibly be ranked second in the world in the CBWL (Child Basket Wrestling League).
Round Three: Ian quickly realizes why this basket ranks so high in the league. The basket swiftly and effectively put Ian into a "handle hold" and worked hard to keep the little Schleicher immobilized.
Round Four: Ian's only escape move was to throw himself (and the basket) toward the couch. Ian gained the advantage in this round because he was able to use his eyes again and could look at more than just the floor.
Final Round: Ian was declared the winner after he performed his famous "foot-in-the-basket" move. You guessed it: Ian maintained his first place ranking in the CBWL with the victory.

Active Boy on the Ground [Video]

Ian--in constant motion; close to crawling; loves door stops that make noise; a true gift from God

How Cute!!

Ok...I'm biased, but these two look pretty good together.

Shaking His Head "No" [Video]

He hasn't tried chocolate yet, so there is still hope that Ian will like chocolate just like Momma and Daddy do.

I'll Help With the Books, Momma

Something tells me that Ian and Momma's definitions of putting the books away differ slightly.

Happy Birthday Eric

We enjoyed hosting the Oblingers on the 15th as we celebrated Eric's birthday. Kim made Eric a German chocolate cake, but Ian appears to be more interested in playing with Carrie's hair than smiling for the picture. We had a nice time together.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Epiphany Party

We hosted our 7th annual Epiphany Party last night. Kim and I prepared a turkey and the mashed potatoes for the event, and the 25 other people brought the rest of the wonderful food (and desserts) that we shared. This year we asked our friends to bring items "As Seen on TV" for the white elephant gift exchange. As you can see here, Nate is digging the HD glasses that claim to allow you to view all of life with high definition clarity.
Paul also gave the glasses a try. I thought I even heard Paul say, "So this is what it looks like when I don't have to keep track of my twin boys." [Eli and Micah stayed at home with Grandma and Grandpa].
Young and old were invited to this gathering. Can you tell what is a little mixed up about this particular picture? [Answer: Kyle is holding the standing Brooke, while Brooke's mom holds Kyle's son a few seats away.] We feel blessed to have such wonderful friends here in TX.
Paul shows off the "Heel-tastic" that got stolen a few turns later. Fun times!!

Happy 8 Month Birthday, Ian!

Ian had a playdate with friends Caleb and Brooke. Ian gets SO excited to see both of these friends at church, so having an extra get-together made him really happy! Kim was thankful to have some "mommy time" with dear friends Aliceson and Jenn. What a blessing to have the fellowship and encouragement of other Christian mommies!
After kissing Brooke (note the wet spot on the side of her head), Ian decided to give Caleb a kiss on the cheek. Thankfully, both of them are easygoing and relatively tolerant of Ian's affection.
Let's just say that Ian and Brooke had differing opinions of his kissing her on the side of her head. Their faces speak volumes: "ooh, that was a good one" vs. "get me out of here."
"I've just about found the right lid for that container, Momma."
8 months old is the perfect age for playing with the plastic food containers in the kitchen.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Ian hasn't started crawling yet but does like rocking back and forth on his knees. When do YOU think he'll start crawling?
Ian now has FIVE teeth ... two on the bottom and the three you see in the picture. When do YOU think his sixth tooth will emerge?

Comment with your votes. The person/people who are the closest guessers will win a one-of-a-kind, super cute (at least in his parents' opinion) pic of Ian along with some major bragging rights for being a "prophet". Don't delay! Get your guess in TODAY!! :)

Christmas in Albuquerque

We were excited to spend Christmas break in Albuquerque with Kim's whole family. We flew to New Mexico on Kim's birthday (December 20). In this picture, Ian wonders, "Do I get to try the cherry crisp as I celebrate your birthday, Momma?"
We played countless games during our time together. A new game called Carcassone ended up being one of our favorites.
Ian was fascinated watching Aunt Amy tickle the ivories. Matt and Kim were very impressed to hear Amy play the organ for the entire church service on the Sunday after Christmas. This was her Albuquerque organ debut ... even though she plays in Montana often.
Maybe we should have given Papa a glasses strap for Christmas to protect his glasses from Ian's inquisitive ... and lightning-quick ... reach. Here, Papa dodges Ian's grab just in time. Unfortunately, though, the homemade BBQ sauce sitting on the kitchen counter wasn't so lucky. Neither was the young girl sitting in front of Ian during the Christmas Eve service. Her long red hair was just too tempting to pass up.
Ian's face says it all: flying through the air with Uncle Andrew as your catapult is really fun!!
Whoa....horsey....whoa!!! Uncle Jason got Ian to giggle quite often during our time together in ABQ.
Either Ian is upset that the snow he just touched was really cold OR he isn't happy that Momma and Daddy decided on the red and orange clothing combination.
Ian had the opportunity to see his first snowman (thanks for building it, Grammy) and make his first snow angel while in Albuquerque. Bottom Line = Ian was not thrilled with these activities (probably good we live in southern Texas and rarely see snow and ice).
Papa brought home a set of nativity finger puppets for Ian. Immanuel distributed these puppets during the object lessons during the Advent church services leading up to Christmas.
Lighting luminaria on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve are traditions for many ABQ residents. Good lighting form, Uncle Andrew!
Grammy is holding the plastic light-up candle that Ian used during the candlelight portion of the Christmas Eve church service. Many Immanuel members commented on how cute it was that Ian was able to join in during that part of the service.
What a good looking group!! It was very nice being together for Christmas worship this year. Apparently Ian missed the memo to look at the camera for this picture.
Even though we had put the turkey through the food processor and had mixed it with some sweet potatoes, Ian did not enjoy his first ever bite of meat. Oh well....
Ian enjoyed opening presents while wearing the Christmas vest that Grandma Schleicher made for him. The elephant shape-sorter from Aunt Amy and Uncle Jason was fun to look at, and it will be fun to use in the months to come.
Momma and Ian try out some of their new Christmas gifts. Momma received a nice scarf from Andrew and Sarah while Ian got this nice striped fleece from Amy and Jason.
Ride 'em horsey!! Uncle Jason not only gives horse rides on his lower leg but even doubles as the crawling horse himself. Ian will not need a spotter for much longer--his balance is getting better with each passing day.
"Ok, guys, let's look for Papa by the grill. You've been telling me that he spent time preparing several wonderful meals on the grill--whatever that thing is." [Ian Schleicher]
Grammy and Papa treated us to a feast at a Brazilian grill near church a few days after Christmas. Jason was clearly pleased with the seasoned brisket one of the many meat-servers brought to the table.
Ian settled in on Daddy's shoulder for a nap at the end of our Brazilian feast of meat.
Daddy has just launched the frisbee during the third Frisbee Fiesta competition. Jason (foreground) is starting to close on Andrew (not pictured) en route to winning the compeititon for the third time.
We had fans at the Fiesta this year! Papa and Grammy won the award for the most boisterous cheering.
The ladies used the den as their work-out room a few days after Christmas. Go girls!!!
Sarah put the finishing touches on the elaborate table prior to the murder mystery dinner. Amy and Kim found a murder mystery game advertised on the Internet that featured eight suspects. Sarah not only made sure the table looked great but also took most of the pictures displayed on this blog from our time in ABQ--thanks for your artistic eye, Sarah.
Chris Lester, "Big Bill" Bradford, and Robert Carter engage in small talk prior to the murder mystery dinner.
Kim played Jason's wife (weird...), while Sarah and Amy were mother/daughter during the mysterious evening of fun.
Well, it turns out that Mom Walquist was Dad's secretary for the game. Can you guess which one of these two actually was the murderer? It was a fun evening.