Thursday, September 1, 2016

Ian and Ryan Days

 Our boys definitely have two sets of loving, caring grandparents, that know how to make our boys feel special. That's a wonderful blessing! We've been enjoying our new blessing of living near parents (grandparents) since my parents moved here in late May!!

A few weeks before school started, Grammy and Papa planned a special "day" for each of the older grandsons. "Ian Day" was first. When we dropped Ian off at their house, they greeted Ian with "I love Ian" stickers on their clothes.

I don't know all of the details of this special day since I wasn't there, but I know that Ian had a simply fantastic time! To start with, Papa read Ian part of a "choose your own adventure" book since Ian was going to be choosing his own adventures throughout the day.

 I think that the main activity that Ian chose (over and over again) was playing "adult" games, including the game of Life. We had never played it with him before. I think Grammy said that they may have played a total of five games. I think he loved having his own money!

 They gave Ian a choice of where to go to lunch. He chose McDonald's and enjoyed his cheeseburger happy meal and time in the play place.
 After lunch, they played more games of Life and then helped Ian to make Muddy Buddies to share with all of us. It turned out yummy, and he was very proud to let us eat some.

 They must've played two-card war as well.
  Ian just loved being able to choose all of his own activities and to have so much attention. He was all smiles when Grammy and Papa dropped him off mid-afternoon.

Ryan couldn't wait for HIS turn to have a special day ... (though Ian and Nathan tried to sneak along in the backseat when Grammy and Papa came to pick Ryan up the next morning.) Grammy and Papa wore "I love Ryan" stickers to celebrate their second-born grandson.
 They gave Ryan some choices about what he wanted to do. He thought the playground in Papa and Grammy's neighborhood sounded fun, including the digger, the balance beam, slide, and all of the sand in the volleyball court.

 Grammy helped Ryan make a snack for himself called "Moose Munch."
 Ryan decorated a label for the bag of Moose Munch that he brought home to share with all of us. Just like Ian, Ryan was SO proud of "his" creation.

 Then, Papa and Grammy just spent time at their house playing whatever Ryan wanted to play. Of course, the workout equipment in their house is almost as good as a playground.

 And playing with the toys in the toy room is especially fun when you don't have to share with anyone!

 I think they played vehicles and then a "hide the block" sort of game.

 Then, they had time for books, puzzles, and tower building (and destroying) before going to lunch.

Just like Ian, Ryan, chose to go to McDonald's for a Happy Meal and time to play on the playplace before coming home for a nap. He, too, loved every second of his special day and asked if the next day could be Ian Day and then Ryan Day again. :)

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for knowing just how to make our boys feel special and cared for!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August Fun

Ahh...the lazy days of summer! It was so nice to stay in our PJs until mid-morning and do whatever activity sounded good that day, like ...

...washing our vehicles,

playing T-ball,

 making and trying tin can stilts (I have GREAT memories of this from when I was a girl),
 launching a baking soda rocket (We couldn't get it to go anywhere near the 15 feet the front of the box touted, but Ian got it to go at least 7 feet once!),

and reading books.
 Ian was a GREAT helper this summer. One morning, I jotted a quick list of the things that we'd need to gather before going to a splashpad to play and eat lunch. Ian willingly helped grab things (or read the things to me and then cross items off the list). Before we left, he said that he needed to make a list, too.  So precious! This type-A momma was proud to see one of her kiddos making a list AND also happy that our biggest goal on most of these summer days was just to "play."
 One morning in August, we celebrated a reading goal that we had set for Ian (and that he accomplished) by going to Chuck E. Cheese to play games. We invited Isaiah and Aunt Chelsea to come celebrate with us (our other cousins were on vacation). I didn't end up getting any pictures of Ian, who most liked a racing game where he had to bicycle in place and steer, another game where he got to shoot at a pretend spider, and Skee Ball. Ryan, Nathan, and Isaiah most liked riding the rides, especially the train that went around in a circle.

 This is a terrible picture, but it's how the boys spent most evenings between bath time and bedtime when the Olympics were on... curled up on the floor right next to the TV. They loved watching the athletes (and all of the commercials, too, since they usually watch only Netflix).
 These last few pictures were taken when school was back in session. One day (when Ian had school but Ryan didn't) Ryan and Nathan helped me clear out a sandbox that had turned into a mudbox. They loved getting completely covered in mud (and have since really liked playing in the dry, much less messy, new sandbox sand).
 One morning this month, we had our godson, Samuel, over to play. I bribed them to come with me on a jog with a promise of doughnuts at the end. :)
 Nathan "helps" in the kitchen nearly every time he sees me start meal preparation. Generally, he insists on pulling a chair to the counter and standing right beside me to help stir, add ingredients, and mainly sample. This day, though, he wanted to pull out the biggest pot he could find and then sit in it. :)

We are thankful for a fun end to summer and a happy start to the school year routine.