Friday, June 26, 2009

What's New With Ian?

No...Ian is not weight training with items attached to his wrists. Those are fun wrist rattles.
Ian is learning about soccer as Daddy prepares to play in his summer indoor league on Thursday nights. Mommy and Ian were able to come watch a few weeks ago (well...Ian slept in the carseat the entire game but at least he was present).
Bath time is actually enjoyable (especially when you put a nice warm washcloth on Ian's belly and keep it wet throughout the bath).

Hand Print Fun

The Schleicher family had fun this week getting Ian's handprints for his baby book and for this nice frame. Ian still has a little ink under his fingernails and Daddy still has a little ink on his right thumb. Oh...the memories!!

The Three Stages of Tummy Time

Stick with us...we are going to challenge our blog viewers here. This is the LAST stage of tummy time dubbed "I-am-done-and-would-rather-be-doing-anything-but-this."
Middle stage: the the hand some
Desired (and always initial) Stage: neck-muscles-strengthening-stage

Brown...Like Mother Like Baby

Both Ian and Mommy wore brown the other day. What a nice picture.

More Than Just Onesies

Ian is currently planning a trip to Hawaii. Call 1-800-CUTEKID to join him on his journey.

Let Ian Introduce You To...

Larry, Curly, and Mo (the three bears that keep Ian busy during most diaper changes).

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day #1

Ian is the reason that Matt was able to celebrate Father's Day 2009 in a very special way. Ian is truly a gift from God!

Tuckered Out!

Mommy has been doing a great job of taking care of Ian and keeping up with all sorts of tasks around the house. She even whipped up a Father's Day feast of meatloaf, corn, salad, tater tots, rice krispy treats, and Matt's favorite: yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Yum!

Making Faces Can Be Fun!

Kim has started showing Ian how the "Sprinkler" dance move works. Apparently Ian needs lesson two, seeing as all he took from lesson one was the behind-the-head-arm-bob and completely forgot about the extended left arm bit.
Loo...Loo...Looo...Looooo (imagine Ian intoning a high C). He might just follow in Uncle Jason's singing footsteps.
What might cause a 6-week old to wrinkle his lips and squint his eyes?? Your guess is as good as ours.
"Are you trying to explain agarose gel electrophoresis again, Dad?"
" me...pick me!"

Learning, Learning, and More Learning

Ian learned what it means when someone has the red plate in the Schleicher home. Kim prepared a wonderful Father's Day meal for the family, and Matt was the lucky recipient of the red "You Are Special Today" plate.
Ian is learning to focus on faces, ceiling fan blades, the pattern on the couch, small toys, and everything else he sets his beautiful blue eyes on.
Ian is learning to feel as comfortable with good friends Carrie, Melissa, and Eric as his mommy and daddy are. Way to go, Melissa!! Great Ian-holding form!!
Matt and Kim are trying to teach Ian to give people "high-fives." Mr. Monkey is doing all he can to assist--reach just a little lower, Monkey!!

Ian's First Babysitter

Matt's colleague, Kim, watched Ian for a few hours on the 14th so the proud parents could enjoy dinner at Rockfish restaurant for their 6-year anniversary

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ian With Mommy and Daddy

Ian is certainly getting stronger. He enjoys working on sitting up, even though he has not yet mastered this skill. Mommy is a very patient teacher.
Ian and Daddy catch a nap on the couch. Mommy thinks they were both dreaming about pizza, cookies, and the Houston Dynamo.
Mommy and Ian enjoyed some time recently listening to the noise that a wrist rattle makes.
Here are two guys who need to learn some nursery rhymes. Ian missed the memo to look at the pictures while the rhymes are being read.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ian is 1 Month Old!

Ian continues to enjoy "tummy time," which sometimes doubles as "lick-my-right-forearm time."
Ian's neck muscles are surely getting stronger with each passing day. Yes...he is being supported by pillows behind him, but Ian enjoys trying to sit up on his own.

Bath time has become an enjoyable time for Ian now that he can be fully submerged in the warm water. Come visit us, and you, too, can try your hand at styling his post-bath hair!
We thank God for such a wonderful first month with our precious son!

Ian's Baptismal Remembrance

May 31st was a beautiful day in the Houston area, and it was extra special because it was Pentecost and Ian's baptismal remembrance in the 8 am service at Trinity, Klein.
Jason, Amy, and Jonathan are Ian's sponsors. Pastor Rich Noack (our senior pastor) even took a moment to pause for a picture.

The whole clan gathers for a picture around the font. Yes...Ian is present under all of the blankets!

Jason wrote and sang a beautiful song that he dedicated to Ian. Here, he is giving the family a preview the night before singing the song in church. Let's just say that Jason is much more skilled at song writing/performing than shaving. :)

Family Fun

It had been awhile since the Walquist siblings had made a good "Amy sandwich."
Can you successfully identify who is playing Mario Kart, who is sleeping, and who is eating a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats??

Sarah is the president, vice president, and secretary of the MAW (married a Walquist) club. Here, el presidente directs the taking and filling of dessert orders following a meal.

Kim and Matt's dining room furniture was put to good use during the course of several meals. What a blessing to have a house full of wonderful family!

Poopy Adventures

Suffice it to say, Ian left his mark!! YUCK!
Team Diapering is always better than flying solo!

Ah...we made it (at least until the next rumbling from the Pampers).

Uncle Jason and Aunt Amy

Uncle Jason has a good voice, and Ian loved his mid-morning serenades.
Ian loved snuggling close with his favorite uncle from Montana.

Not only was Aunt Amy good at putting Ian to sleep, but she also perfected the art of pacifier balancing during her time in Texas.

"I love Aunt Amy!"

Uncle Andy and Aunt Beth

Ian was in good hands when being held by Andy and Beth. The Hansons used the skills they learned while working with their nieces in Colorado as they calmed little Ian.

Uncle Andrew and Aunt Sarah

"Making the trip from Nebraska was certainly worth it" say Andrew and Sarah, even after wrestling with an overheating vehicle the entire trip to Texas.
Look at that form!! Ian surely learned the art of stretching from his Uncle Drew.

Ian might master the art of reading by the age of 8 months with all of the loving instruction from his family.

Dr. Andrew Walquist uses his physical therapy prowess on one of his youngest patients.