Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Galveston Trip

We took another trip down to Galveston in September to make more use of our Moody Gardens annual pass. The boys LOVE any excuse to play on the beach. We just parked along the seawall and played for a few hours one Saturday morning. Nothing beats feeding seagulls, splashing in the water, and getting covered head to toe with sand. :)

Ian and Matt also tried flying a kite, though the wind wasn't too consistent this time.

Even Nathan thought the beach was amazing, and he didn't eat too much sand. :)

After eating an early picnic lunch on the beach, we changed out of our swim suits and headed to Moody Gardens. We started with some exhibits we had never done before, including this paddlewheel boat ride. The boys loved watching the paddle wheel turn while the boat moved.

The boys were chomping at the bit to get back to this Speed exhibit. I think this is what they had the fondest memories of from our last Moody Gardens visit. Ian enjoyed the car video game and cycling his car in the computerized race, while Ryan most enjoyed the gears and racing Hot Wheels cars down the track.

We all enjoyed seeing the Rio 3-D movie and getting pictures at every stick-your-face-within-the-scene photo op.

We also enjoyed finding all of the animals hiding in the rain forest exhibit.

We ate dinner at a Bullritos before driving back home. It made for a tiring, full day, but the boys were in good spirits. We're thankful to live close to so many neat opportunities for families. What a fun day!