Sunday, January 25, 2009

Week 25

This week, Kim is sporting a new haircut AND a little bigger belly. :) The baby has been kicking quite a bit more this week. In fact, both Matt and Kim can occasionally feel hard body parts (feet? fists?) when their hands are on Kim's stomach.

On Saturday, Matt painted the top half of the nursery "classic taupe."

On Sunday, he painted the bottom half "sea green." Soon, we'll apply the cute safari animal border that Matt's holding.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Week 24

The baby is definitely making his or her presence known ... both in size AND in number of kicks! The baby especially seems to like it when Daddy puts his hand on Mommy's belly. LOTS of kicks result! :)

This weekend, we started Step 1 of decorating the nursery: painters' tape! Soon, Matt will apply "classic taupe" to the top half of the room and "sea green" to the lower portion. Finally, we'll place a border of safari animals (lions, elephants, zebras, monkeys) along the center of the wall. We can't wait!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Week 22

And Kim's belly keeps growing ... The baby is also moving around quite a bit. Kim has been able to feel him/her move for about three weeks now, but Matt felt baby for the first time on New Year's Eve. How exciting! :)

Christmas in Zeeland, MI

Each couple planned an activity (or two) for the rest of the family during our time together. One of our events was a photo scavenger hunt. Here, Matt, Jon (Matt's youngest brother), and Chelsea (Jon's girlfriend) pose as a nativity scene.

Our second event was a murder mystery dinner party. Matt's mom's character was an opera singer named Bella, and Matt's dad played the part of the ship captain named Mal. In the end, we all learned that Jason and Dad Schleicher were the culprits.

One of Jon and Chelsea's events was an "Amazing Race" game. Matt, Mom Schleicher, Amy (Kim's sister), and Andy (brother-in-law) made up the red team.

Jason (Matt's brother), Beth (Matt's sister), Kim, and Dad Schleicher were the victorious green team! Maybe Kim scared off the competition. :)