Sunday, April 26, 2009

What's YOUR guess?!?!

We got our final ultrasound on Friday. The technician said it was rather difficult to get accurate measurements of the baby's head since it's down so low right at the pelvic bone. But, her best estimate (after taking all of baby's measurements) was that the baby currently weighs 7 pounds 14 ounces (give or take 1 pound). The fetal heart rate was 138 bpm. The doctor said Kim is 1 cm dilated. Kim, who likes to plan ahead, asked the doctor, "Do you think the baby will come early, on time, or late?" To which the doctor replied, "Yes! The baby will come early, on time, or late." So much for planning!

Kim plans to stop teaching after Tuesday of this week. Many in the family tend to think that the baby will come during this 38th week. Kim's dad (since the beginning of the pregnancy) has guessed April 27th. Kim thinks April 28th. Matt thinks April 29th. Matt's dad is guessing Friday, May 1st. What's YOUR guess?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Only 19 days 'til baby's due date!!

It's fun to think that we're entering the "final days" before we get to hold our baby! The hospital bag is ready; the pack 'n' play is set up in our bedroom. We've taken a few classes at the hospital (birthing, breastfeeding, infant care). We've completed some last minute house projects. We think we're ready!

The baby's kicks are getting more and more forceful. Kim still feels good but has puffy feet and gets very tired by the end of the day. Kim's long term substitute started this week. They plan to have a few weeks of overlap in the classroom to ease the transition for everyone.

The OB-GYN says the baby is head down and totally "engaged" in the birth canal. Later in the week, we're planning to have our final ultrasound so that the doctor can predict the baby's birth weight.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Matt's cruise

Over spring break (March 19-23), Matt attended the Association of Lutheran Secondary Schools' conference. The conference was held aboard the Carnival Destiny ship! Matt loved his first cruise.

Matt was impressed by the large size of the ship!

The ship left from Miami and stopped first at Key West, Florida. Matt shopped Key West with his principal, Joel, and Joel's wife, Judy. They were impressed with the bright aqua color of the ocean!

Joel and Matt pose by Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville in Key West. Matt, Joel, and Judy ate lunch here.

The boat's final stop (before returning to Miami) was Cozumel, Mexico. Matt rented a Jeep with four others from the cruise. They spent time exploring the island and visiting the quaint shops.

Week 35

This week, we've been busy doing some of our last baby "to-d0's." Matt installed the infant car seat bases in each of our cars. We also purchased our stroller and high chair. The baby's been as active as ever. He or she even got his/her first "case" of hiccups (that Kim could feel)!

Kim and her colleague Jenn (who's having a baby in June) pose with their "New Mommy to-be" tiaras. The Trinity staff threw a joint baby shower for Kim and Jenn this week.

The cake was scrumptious!