Saturday, May 29, 2010

Trying Out the Swingset

Fun times!! Thanks for the GREAT birthday gift, Grammy and Papa! Ian will use your gift daily! :) Thanks, too, for all of the help Paul, Kyle, Jim, and Chris.

Ian was so happy with the new swingset, he didn't want to come back in the house.

Swingset Assembly Day 2

Kyle and Chris helped to finish the construction last Sunday. Kyle graciously offered to help on Sunday even after helping for several hours the day before. Let's leave the playing on the swingset to the kids!! Kim and I feel SO blessed to have such wonderful friends--we really appreciate all of the help assembling the playset.

Swingset Assembly Day 1

Momma spent several hours on Friday, 5-21-10 preparing for the start of construction. She separated the parts and hardware needed for each of the 40 steps, and even took the time to label many of the wooden pieces with chalk. Momma's prep work really helped speed things up on Satuday and Sunday (5-22-10 & 5-23-10).
Here are two of the six boxes that Ian's swingset came in.
Saturday's construction crew. If you look closely, you will see that Ian is even holding his toy hammer. Ian actually took foreman Paul's suggestion to stay inside and play while we were using real drills and hammers outside.
"I'm still holding seven washers that were called for on step we need to put those somewhere now that we are on step 30?" J. Johnson
Jim and Paul were able to stay to the end of day #1 of construction. We had fun but decided to call it quits at about 3:45 PM (we started at 8 to beat the Texas heat).

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summer Fun!

On Mother's Day, Ian went out for the first time in our new bike trailer. He really liked riding in the trailer around the cul-de-sac, but he wasn't such a big fan of wearing his helmet for the rest of the ride. We all DID love our destination, though ... a nearby gully where we fed bread to the turtles. We look forward to many more family bike rides!
Ian loves wearing his shades ... and then taking them off .... and then asking for them to be put back on ... and then taking them off ...
Ian's friend Caleb spent a part of this past weekend with us while his parents attended a graduation. Ian and Caleb especially liked their time at the park on the swings and using their new bubble wands from our neighbors, Steve and Kathy.
On Sunday, Ian went in a baby pool for the first time. He helped Daddy fill it up,
posed with Momma by the Easter lilies, and then got right in ... (see video)

Daddy poured water over Ian's head to initiate him right away. Ian didn't seem to mind.

Soon he was splashing away ...

Ian will undoubtedly spend MANY more afternoons in the backyard in a baby pool. (He has a brand-new turtle swimming pool and brand-new Snoopy swim trunks to use soon!) We're also looking forward to taking Ian into our subdivision big pool and letting him "run" through the sprinklers as soon as he's even steadier on his feet. What a fun time!
Ian was fascinated watching Daddy mow the lawn, so we decided that we could put Ian to work!
Just like Daddy!!! ;)
Ready, Dad? GO!
What wonderful guys I live with!! Aren't they cute?? :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Some Recent Favorites

1. Giving hugs to stuffed animals (especially this monkey!!)
2. Making a MESS!
3. The pots-and-pans drawer

4. The refrigerator
5. Garage sale finds, especially this fun walk and ride fire truck!

6. Turning on the bathtub water (and exploring Momma & Daddy's video camera, too)

7. Chasing Daddy around the loveseat

8. Knocking over blocks

9. Playing peek-a-boo

10. Making LOUD noises!

What a difference a year makes!

21 inches
8 lb. 7 oz.

30.75 inches
25 lb. 4 oz.
(Can you imagine TRIPLING your weight and GROWING taller by 50% in ONE YEAR? Wow!)

It seems like just yesterday we held you, our little Gift from God in our arms, for the first time. You seemed so tiny and helpless. We felt in awe of our Creator-God as we admired your tiny toes and delicate fingers.

Today, we stand even more amazed at our Creator-God as we watch how He has helped you grow and learn over the past year. We are SO thankful that God chose us to be your parents. We love you, sweet boy!!

Our One-Year-Old!

Ian had a great birthday on May 7th! When the Birthday Boy went outside with Momma to get the newspaper, there was a fun birthday balloon tied to the mailbox. He LOVES it! Thanks, wonderful neighbor, Gloria! :)
Soon after, Ms. Aliceson and Caleb came over so we could drive to Brenham together. Ian and Caleb spent some time playing with a fun birthday present -- the Fridge Farm.
In Brenham, we watched the Maifest parade -- complete with floats, firetrucks, and bands!
Ian loved all of the action -- even the loud firetrucks!
Brooke seemed to enjoy it, too!
Ms. Jenn brought some sugar cookies for Ian. YUM!! His first cookie will certainly not be his last, if he's anything like Daddy.
While at the Dairy Barn in Brenham, Ian got to sample (and re-sample, and sample again) Momma's chocolate shake. If he's anything like Momma, his first chocolate shake certainly won't be his last. :)

Ms. Eric, Ms. Carrie, and Melissa came over for dinner.
Ian was a little shy while we sang "Happy Birthday" to him ...
... but he certainly wasn't shy around his chocolate cake!
Shortly after Ms. Carrie read Ian some stories,
it was time for bed. What a wonderful birthday!

Ian's First Steps

While our family was here, Ian loved walking around with anyone who would hold his fingers! He has started to MUCH prefer walking to sitting, crawling, or being carried.

Uncle Andrew challenged Ian to walk while holding just ONE hand. Leave it to the physical therapist to think of giving Ian something else (like a ball) to hold in the other hand. Holding a ball in one hand really (surprisingly!) seemed to help Ian feel more balanced.Ian's first steps (soon after his party on May 1, 2010) were walking between Uncle Andrew and Daddy. We didn't even have a camera ready! We didn't think Ian was close to being able to walk! Surprise!! Here, Uncle Jason entices Ian to walk over to him by placing a toy from Grandpa and Grandma on his head.

Here, Ian prepares to walk into Papa's waiting arms.
Look how proud Ian is to be walking! (And, I guess his Mama and Daddy are pretty proud, too!) Check out the videos below to "watch in on" Ian's very first steps on his own!

Fun Family Time

Smooches from both sides ... What a blessing to have family from Billings, MT; Lubbock, TX; and Albuquerque, NM, to help celebrate Ian's special day!! Thanks for coming, dear family! We love you!
A hug for Aunt Amy!
Ian is intrigued with the images on Uncle Jason's camera!
SLAM DUNK! Before we know it, Ian will be tall enough to slam dunk himself on this cool basket from Uncle Jason & Aunt Amy.
Recently, Ian has been loving "throwing" a ball to (or somewhere in the vicinity of) someone else.
Is Aunt Amy teaching Ian to juggle?
A group shot where we're all actually looking at the camera!! :) (Good job, Ian!)
On Saturday evening after the party, we enjoyed playing Frisbee Golf at a neighboring church's course. Good throw, Papa!
The terrain was a little treacherous for Ian's stroller :)
... and also, apparently, for the discs. Don't worry ... Andrew actually FOUND the Frisbee in the "pond."

We also found fresh, yummy wild blackberries along the course.
Matt definitely has an arm for throwing the Frisbee ...
... even though Team Jason & Sarah emerged victorious!
Grammy, Papa, and Ian pose for a shot after church on Sunday. On Monday, Grammy and Papa took Ian to story time!

We celebrated Kim's brother, Andrew's, birthday (a little early!) while everyone was together. Matt grilled steaks, and Kim & her mom made a Boston creme pie. Yum! The creative, beautiful birthday banner was crafted by Aunt Sarah. (By the way, Sarah and Andrew have a great blog with even more pictures of Ian's birthday. Check it out at
The "other" birthday boy
fun times with Uncle Jason -- getting pushed around in a box!

Just chillin' with Uncle Andrew!