Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August Fun

Ahh...the lazy days of summer! It was so nice to stay in our PJs until mid-morning and do whatever activity sounded good that day, like ...

...washing our vehicles,

playing T-ball,

 making and trying tin can stilts (I have GREAT memories of this from when I was a girl),
 launching a baking soda rocket (We couldn't get it to go anywhere near the 15 feet the front of the box touted, but Ian got it to go at least 7 feet once!),

and reading books.
 Ian was a GREAT helper this summer. One morning, I jotted a quick list of the things that we'd need to gather before going to a splashpad to play and eat lunch. Ian willingly helped grab things (or read the things to me and then cross items off the list). Before we left, he said that he needed to make a list, too.  So precious! This type-A momma was proud to see one of her kiddos making a list AND also happy that our biggest goal on most of these summer days was just to "play."
 One morning in August, we celebrated a reading goal that we had set for Ian (and that he accomplished) by going to Chuck E. Cheese to play games. We invited Isaiah and Aunt Chelsea to come celebrate with us (our other cousins were on vacation). I didn't end up getting any pictures of Ian, who most liked a racing game where he had to bicycle in place and steer, another game where he got to shoot at a pretend spider, and Skee Ball. Ryan, Nathan, and Isaiah most liked riding the rides, especially the train that went around in a circle.

 This is a terrible picture, but it's how the boys spent most evenings between bath time and bedtime when the Olympics were on... curled up on the floor right next to the TV. They loved watching the athletes (and all of the commercials, too, since they usually watch only Netflix).
 These last few pictures were taken when school was back in session. One day (when Ian had school but Ryan didn't) Ryan and Nathan helped me clear out a sandbox that had turned into a mudbox. They loved getting completely covered in mud (and have since really liked playing in the dry, much less messy, new sandbox sand).
 One morning this month, we had our godson, Samuel, over to play. I bribed them to come with me on a jog with a promise of doughnuts at the end. :)
 Nathan "helps" in the kitchen nearly every time he sees me start meal preparation. Generally, he insists on pulling a chair to the counter and standing right beside me to help stir, add ingredients, and mainly sample. This day, though, he wanted to pull out the biggest pot he could find and then sit in it. :)

We are thankful for a fun end to summer and a happy start to the school year routine.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Back to School!

I'm back to blogging! Yay! :) Eventually, I"ll be able to catch up on the year or so that I've missed. For now, though, I'll just jump in where we are!

On August 17, school started! Ian is in second grade this year, and Ryan is starting school for the first time ever in pre-K 4's. Ian's day is from 8-3:15, and Ryan's is from 8-12 just Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The school held a Meet-the-Teacher event so that the boys could see their classrooms, put away supplies, and talk to their teachers before the first day of school.

Ian with Mrs. Mueller

Ryan in front of his new school
 Ryan seemed eager to see his classroom. It was the classroom that he was in for VBS this summer (and the one that Ian was in when Ian was in pre-K), so it already seemed a little familiar to him. Mrs. Miller (who also taught Ian) invited the children to find their cubbies, explore the classroom, and play with the toys and play-dough that she had out. Ryan enjoyed play-dough, puzzles, and vehicles. Nathan and Ian had fun playing as well!

practicing putting his backpack in his cubby

the vehicle center

Paul and Ian building a tall tower of blocks

Elise and Ryan putting a puzzle together

Ryan with Ms. Brenda (assistant) and Mrs. Miller

Both boys woke up early and excited on their first day of school. Ryan had a special bounce to his step! Ian was happy, too, though he woke up with a bad crick in his neck. You can tell he's holding his head gingerly in the pics below. Poor guy!

We walked in together with our new lunchboxes and backpacks.
We dropped Ian off first in second grade!

And then Nathan and I walked Ryan to his classroom.  I was honestly a little surprised (yet thankful!) that Ryan didn't cry a bit. But that sure made the transition easier for Momma, too!
When I picked Ryan up from school that afternoon, Ryan told me, "Momma, that was SUPER fun!" He said he most enjoyed lunch (it had been too rainy for recess that morning) but also talked about play dough, vehicles, and singing.

Ian had a great first day, too. He said that the best part was recess. He also really likes being in class with some of his best buds.

The second morning, Ryan cried before school and said, "I have to go to school AGAIN?!?" Ha! I guess he thought it was a one-time thing that he had already checked off his list. :) But he didn't cry at dropoff and seemed to have another good day. (He was very proud to get a sticker for "singing loud.")

The full week of school last week went well for both boys again. Nathan is seeming to enjoy his one-on-one time with Momma those three mornings but always likes seeing his big brothers again at pick-up time. We are thankful that the big boys are liking school and are blessed to send them to a wonderful school like Trinity!