Sunday, December 6, 2009

Progressive "Cry It Out"

Kim and I started using "The Ferber Method" on Thursday to help Ian learn to fall asleep unassisted. Many of you know that prior to our using the steps outlined in this book, Kim and I would swaddle Ian anytime he would sleep (including naps). Things are going pretty well so far.
"My arms are free!" Ian now sleeps in a "sleep sack" like this one at night but does not use one of these for naps during the day. It is interesting: we have found Ian sleeping on his stomach about as often as we have found him sleeping on his back or sides since starting this new approach on Thursday.

Advent Boxes

Kim and I enjoy giving each other gifts throughout the Advent season. My December 6th gift to Kim was a meal. I offered to fix her any dish from a cookbook, and she selected a chicken and pasta meal that also used fresh mushrooms and garlic. It actually turned out! Kim has already given me the gifts of breakfast in bed and several dozen homemade chocolate chip cookies. Fun times!

These Things Taste Great!!

Apparently Momma's hooded sweatshirt tastes pretty good early in the morning. Who needs breakfast, anyway??

Ian Helping Around The House (VIDEO)

Even though this is a short video, you can see that Ian is energy-conscious even as a 7-month old.

"Wintery" Fun In Houston

"Snow accumulation" according to the Houston Dictionary.
Ian actually liked his warm aviator hat and the stroller ride in the colder weather.

Ian's First Encounter With Snow (VIDEO)

Believe it or not, Ian is thinking about the possibility of making a snow angel as he listens to Momma and watches the snow flakes.

Ian On The Move (VIDEO)

Well...I guess you have to start somewhere with learning to crawl.