Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter!

We were excited to have Matt's brother (and Chelsea's fiance), Jon, and Chelsea's sister Lindsea visit for Easter. Aunt Chelsea and Uncle Jon gave Ian an early birthday present!
Ian loved meeting his two fish, Franklin and Francine. (Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, Franklin is no longer with us. Yes, Chelsea had to peel him out of the filter. Poor Franklin!)
On Saturday, we went to Windwood to play Frisbee golf.
Nice form, Kim!
Jon's scoping out his approach shot.
Ian is pondering how he can get Momma to pick him some more wild blackberries.
Way to go, guys! Ian enjoyed his treacherous ride.

One poor lost Frisbee was never found in the muck and mire.
But Jon was successful in rescuing these two!
Ian was excited to participate in the action and take a break from the stroller.

When we got home, Aunt Chelsea and Lindsea showed Ian how to dye Easter eggs.
Ian enjoyed every minute!

On Easter morning, Ian was thrilled to peer into his Easter basket of goodies!
Thanks for the cute Easter outfit, Grammy and Papa!
Momma and Daddy even let him eat some M&M's before breakfast! What a day!

Here are some fun Easter poses of our crew ...

Ian with some church friends, Christopher and Caleb.

Ian remembered from the church Easter egg hunt that there are sometimes things INSIDE the eggs. He wanted to stop after he found each egg to open it up.

He found one in his "house,"
and in the grass
and put them into the basket Uncle Jon held for him.

Ian was excited about the candy and the Easter fingerpuppets that were inside the eggs. (Thanks for the fingerpuppets, Brandons!)

Kim and Matt celebrate a job well-done on their Easter turkey dinner!

We enjoyed Chelsea's yummy Berry Delight for dessert.
After dinner, Ian tried on his ring bearer tux for the bride- and groom-to-be.
Lindsea did a great job of making Ian laugh.

On Monday, while Matt played golf, Chelsea, Kim, and Ian went to Space Center Houston. We took a tram ride around the NASA facilities,
including seeing some actual "Houston Rockets."
Ian thinks Chelsea would make a good astronaut!
Maybe he'll join her in space someday.
Today, Ian enjoyed using his new crayons to color in his Curious George coloring book. (Thanks, Grandpa and Grandma!!)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

An exciting week

Last Wednesday, Matt got two free tickets to see the Astros from the Coke Box Suite!! Chelsea and Ian were happy to accompany him.
After watching some batting practice
and eating some yummy (free!) food and drink,
the game started!
Ian enjoyed every moment,
including his one-on-one time with the camera man
and some TLC from the Astros mascot, Junction Jack!!
On Saturday, we went to Trinity's Easter egg hunt. Ian thought the carnival-type games were amazing, especially the "go fish" game, the lollipop tree (he wanted to eat the lollipop immediately!),
and ring toss (a.k.a. "place the ring on a stick from 2 inches away").
He also enjoyed blowing some bubbles before the Easter egg hunt started.
As soon as Pastor John said, "1-2-3, Go!" Ian started picking up eggs!
He gathered about six eggs before realizing that there was CANDY inside them,
so he promptly sat down to start opening them all up!
The Skittles seemed to be his favorite. In the video below, he'll tell you all about his morning!!

Then we went to a friend's 2nd birthday party. All the kids got their own Happy Meals!
The day was SO beautiful we decided to eat our breakfast (well, dinner ...) burritos outside!
On Sunday, we went strawberry picking after church. NOTHING beats fresh strawberries, right from the garden! Yum! We highly recommend Atkinson Farms -- it's owned by a member of our church!
Ian caught on right away to picking only the "bright red" berries,
and of course he stopped to sample some along the way.

For lunch, we bought some crawfish, potatoes, and corn from H-E-B to give Chelsea the "crawfish boil" experience. She wasn't the biggest fan, although she was a good sport.
Ian was fascinated by the crawfish and was excited by the corn until he tasted the spicy Cajun seasonings on it. Then, he didn't want anything more to do with it and unfortunately even got some spice in his eye. Ouch! It may be a while 'til he wants to try crawfish again. Ha ha.

For dinner, we had strawberry shortcake. YUM! :)