Friday, February 10, 2017

October 2016 Highlights (part 1)


The boys enjoyed attending a free, local festival held near our public library. It was especially fun with cousins and aunts along! :) The festival included all sorts of fun activities, including face (or hand) painting,

painting clay pots,
doing activities at various booths (including a mini-workout routine at this booth hosted by a local gym),
doing an obstacle course,
riding a train,

petting animals at the petting zoo,
and climbing the rock wall! (This was Ian's first time trying to climb something this high. He really enjoyed it and was able to keep trying it since there weren't others in line for a while.)
Ryan tried it, too, and thought it was fun!
One of the boys' favorite activities, which I didn't catch a picture of, was learning gymnastics tricks from older boys who are students at a local Gymnastics Center. It was so cute seeing boys a few years older than Ian trying to help him perfect his cartwheel. :)

Mad Hatter Tea Party

Amy noticed that our children's museum was hosting an Alice in Wonderland themed Mad Hatter Tea Party and invited us to join her and her boys. What fun! The boys poured themselves "tea" (lemonade) and then got to ice and decorate some huge, yummy sugar cookies. They also got to meet some Alice in Wonderland characters, including Alice, the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter, and the Queen of Hearts.

After the tea party, the boys enjoyed their usual children's museum favorites -- building with blue foam blocks, playing with the train table and big light bright, and going to the water and rice tables.

Chelsea's Birthday

We loved hosting a birthday party for our dear sister-in-law Chelsea. We love her! She requested stir fry for a meal and apple pie for dessert. She let all of the boys help her blow out her candles.

Then, we planned an obstacle course involving activities that Chelsea might enjoy -- sliding (with Isaiah), drawing pictures in sidewalk chalk, doing yard work,
giving "Isaiah" a ride in the stroller,
and giving a hug!
The boys challenged themselves to all fit in Ryan's Jeep ...
...before playing a balloon "volleyball" game in honor of our favorite Volleyball-Playing Schleicher. :)

We ended the kids' game part of the evening by highlighting Chelsea's literature/language arts expertise. I read the Three Billy Goats Gruff story while the (bigger) boys took turns acting it out. It was hilarious!

Gender Reveal

We loved learning about the baby GIRL that the Lord is knitting together in Amy's tummy! It was fun seeing Jaden and Cody's reaction to the PINK balloons! :)


God gave us a beautiful weekend in October for spending the day at the beach with family! We started out by riding the Galveston-Bolivar ferry (and seeing lots of dolphins!).

At the beach, Ian liked going into the "deep water" with Matt to ride the waves in.
Ryan preferred wave jumping with Aunt Chelsea, Jaden, Cody, Grammy & Papa.

Nathan's favorite part was playing in the sand with Isaiah.

Everyone liked eating lunch,

and feeding the seagulls.

We always love our time at the beach! :)

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amylynn said...

I love that our family is in so many of these pics with you. :) So great to be able to share all these memories together! Love you!