Monday, May 28, 2012

Ian's time with Grammy and Papa

We were so thankful to have Grammy and Papa (Kim's parents) here during our time at the hospital (and beyond!). Thanks so much, Mom and Dad, for helping to keep Ian's life happy and normal, while we were gone and during the first especially crazy days!

The morning of Kim's induction, Grammy and Papa took Ian to Toddler Time at the library!

Ian showed them the routine of returning books,
and choosing books to take home
(after reading them, of course!!),
followed by Toddler Time!!
Ian and Grammy worked hard to make Ryan's welcome home sign in a few different sittings between hospital visits.
Grammy said that Ian was insistent about filling in ALL parts of the letters!
We enjoyed some time and some meals together as a family in the hospital room.

The morning of Ryan's homecoming, Grammy and Papa took Ian to a fun Touch-a-Truck event!
Ian enjoyed sitting on the tractors and other trucks.

They said the ambulance kind of freaked Ian out, and he wasn't interested in going inside.

What a fun morning!!

While bowling together in the garage, Grammy made some X's with sidewalk chalk that Ian could use to know where to set up the pins. Ian promptly decided to put the bowling game on hold while he worked to fill up the entire garage floor with chalk x's. Funny!

Grammy and Ian also completed some activity books together.

Thanks for taking care of Ian and for giving him such fun days, Papa and Grammy!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ryan is one week old!!

It's hard to believe that Ryan is already one week old! We've already fallen in love with our "mellow fellow." He rarely cries, except when he's hungry or we're giving him a bath. He's a good eater and, as far as newborns go, a pretty good sleeper, too! Just like in utero, Ryan gets hiccups often, but they certainly don't seem to bother our easygoing guy. He gets many, many kisses from his big brother!

Kim got some cuddle time in with Ryan before leaving the hospital on Saturday, May 12th.

We left room 242 ...

headed to our car,

and then headed home, where we received a very warm welcome from Ian, Grammy, and Papa! It brought tears to our (okay ... Kim's) eyes. :)

Grammy and Papa got a fancy balloon and some "It's a boy!" decorations.

Ian was very proud of the sign that he helped Grammy make. (Ian worked VERY hard to fill in all parts of the letters with the dot painters!)

Big Brother Ian wanted to hold Ryan right away!
Papa was happy to take a nap with Ryan.
What a content baby (in a super cute coming-home outfit from Uncle Jason & Aunt Amy!)

Grammy, Matt, and Kim worked together to give Ryan his first bath at home.

What a handsome fellow! :)

It was great to spend Mother's Day at home as a family!
Kim and Ryan were sleeping when the rest of the family went to church.
But Big Brother Ian was happy to hold Ryan right when they got back.
 Then, we enjoyed a yummy Mother's Day Mexican meal prepared by Kim's parents while Ryan chilled in his swing. (We've been totally spoiled with lots of yummy meals, loving childcare, and willing "service" doing anything and everything around the house. Thanks, Mom and Dad!  We couldn't have done it without you.)

Grammy and Kim got beautiful flowers from Uncle Andrew.  They really brightened up our home.

 Daddy helped Ian document the top five reasons he loves Momma, which of course brought tears to her eyes.

Three generations together on Mother's Day!

 Momma and her boys.

Grammy and Papa pause for a picture with their newest grandchild on Mother's Day.

Ian thought it was hilarious when Ryan reached up to touch his shirt--these brothers have bonded quickly.

We snapped a photo of Ryan by this jumbo watermelon ... they're about the same length!
We all laugh when Ryan stretches WAAAAY out after a feeding.  You may remember that big brother Ian also was a pro when it came to stretching.

Even though Ryan doesn't like bath time, Grammy has been a big help getting him calmed down afterward.
And Ian is a fantastic helper with getting Ryan all clean!

And, we've taken a gazillion pictures of him asleep. What a cutie! :)



Matt's colleagues sent this beautiful and tasty fruit bouquet.  Ian certainly enjoys taking the fruit off of the plastic skewers.  Thanks, Concordia!