Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blueberry Farm

Some friends told us about a blueberry farm nearby that sells you-pick-'em-blueberries for only $1.50 a pound!! WOW! We decided to include this blueberry farm in our next "Family Fun Friday," especially since Ian had loved the blackberry farm so much.
It was a hot, sunny day, but we had a good, though sweaty, time. Ian MOSTLY chose the dark, plump blueberries to pick and only sometimes picked (and ate!) the green or red ones that weren't yet ripe!
Most of the blueberries seemed to be up high, so Momma and Daddy took turns holding Ian and picking blueberries.
Some of the blueberries were low enough for Ian to reach on his own. We ended up picking about 4 pounds of berries. It's been such a treat to eat fresh, yummy blueberries. Today, we're having blueberry muffins! Below is a video of Ian picking blueberries.

Random things Ian likes

wagon rides
wagon rides with friends (like Caleb!)
parachutes (especially being underneath them!)
"helping" Momma in the kitchen (especially the cracking the eggs part)
sampling what we've created
walking around outside (even when it's raining -- like in this picture -- since he loves puddles!)

singing -- Click on the video to listen to Ian's favorite song and how he "sings" along.

laughing (especially at Daddy's silly antics)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!

My daddy is the BEST daddy in the whole wide world! Momma and I(Ian) surprised Daddy with tickets to see the Astros play the Texas Rangers. I got sort of tired on the drive to the game.
I slept all the way until the game started. Daddy's shoulder is SO nice to lay on! He takes such good care of me.
I sat on Daddy's lap during some of the game. This was my first baseball game, so Daddy was explaining all sorts of things to me. He's a great teacher!
To be honest, I didn't watch much of the game. I mostly enjoyed eating ice from Momma and Daddy's drinks, walking along the concourse, and talking with the one-year-old girl sitting next to me. I had a great time!

When we got home, Daddy wanted to play Washers outside. I thought that was a great idea! I love being outside! I played with my plastic shovel and gardening cart while Momma and Daddy played.
Here's Momma being silly demonstrating her washer-throwing technique. She tried really hard, but Daddy beat her at Washers. Daddy taught me how to throw washers, too. You can watch if you click on the video below.

Thank you, God, for such a wonderful daddy ... one who's patient, loving, silly, fun, and centered on You!

I love you, Daddy!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Trip to Galveston

We enjoyed a day trip to Galveston on Friday. Ian had never seen the ocean, and the Lord blessed us with a beautiful day to hit the beach.
Ian enjoyed watching as Daddy fed the seagulls. If you look closely after clicking on the picture above, you will see an airborne saltine cracker just to the left of the top of the very tall building off in the distance. We enjoyed seeing the talented seagulls catch the crackers as they flew.

Ian found that sand toys (like this one) work great in the water as well.

Ian loved splashing the ocean water, but he didn't like getting the salt water in his face/eyes as much as he enjoys getting pool water all over.

Lunch was a hit after swimming and playing in the water for about an hour and a half.

How about an ocean shower!

As you can see, it is certainly seaweed season. Oh well...maybe next time we go we will see just as many seagulls but less seaweed. We had a great time!!

Some New Skills

Ian is demonstrating his skillful wagon riding. If Ian had to rank modes of transportation (from favorite to not so fun), he would probably say:
  1. Walking independently
  2. Swinging (ok...this probably doesn't count as a mode of transportation, but Ian certainly loves the swingset)
  3. Being carried by Momma or Daddy
  4. Riding in the car (which is always best when Momma sits in the backseat to entertain the little traveler)
  5. Sitting on someone's shoulders
  6. Riding in a stroller (either the standard umbrella style or the jogging style)
  7. Riding in the wagon (this is the newest one, so we predict this may rise on the list in the weeks to come)
  8. Riding in the bike trailer (last only because he has to wear a helmet, and this little kid doesn't like anything on his head for more than about two seconds)

It used to be just when he was getting out of the bathtub, but now Ian loves to fill in the word "GO" whenever anyone starts with "1-2-3 ______." Fun times!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Seventh Anniversary!!

Happy anniversary to the best husband in the whole wide world!!! What fun we've had over the past seven years! Thanks for being my best friend, my constant companion, my spiritual leader, a great daddy, and a wonderful example of Christ's love in action! I'm proud to be your wife, and I love you so much! I look forward to many more happy years together of walking together in Christ.
We went out last night for an early anniversary dinner at the Cheesecake Factory! YUM! We highly recommend their peanut butter & chocolate cheesecake.
Mr. Eric, Ms. Carrie, and Melissa were kind enough to watch Ian while Momma and Daddy went out.
Ian enjoyed his time with Melissa in their pool.
Melissa taught Ian lots of fun things, including how to blow bubbles in the pool! :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our Second Time at the Zoo

We enjoyed using our zoo membership on Friday.
Ian was quick to show Daddy where the Golden Lion Tamarins (monkeys) were hiding in their enclosure.
The question on this interactive board reads "What Primate Is It?" Why, it is a super cute one named Ian Matthew, of course.

Ian pronounces the word "giraffe" as "raff." It helps that we can teach Ian what different animals are by using stuffed friends at home. He is able to take that knowledge and then apply it to the actual creatures at the zoo.

Picking Blackberries

We enjoyed picking blackberries as a family on Thursday. It is safe to say that blackberries are Ian's favorite food right now. Ian was an active participant in the picking adventure.
Momma showed Ian what ripe blackberries look like.
Daddy and Ian found some blackberries hiding in the tall grass.
Classic picture from our time of picking. Let's just say that all the blackberries that Ian picked found their way into his mouth--not into the bucket.
If you look closely, you will see blackberry juice escaping from Ian's mouth as he is going in for more.
We all had a great time. This is what Ian looked like when we went back into the farmhouse to pay for what we had picked. The workers laughed along with us when they saw Ian displaying some of their fruit on his face.
Momma and Daddy enjoyed some of the blackberries on vanilla ice cream that night.

Ian pronounces "blackberries" as "babo"--listen for him to identify the fruit early in the video.

Great Candid Shots

"Is it bright in here, or is it just me??" Ian
"Elmo, do you like my jewelry?" Ian
Daddy is making an outboard motor sound as he pushes Ian in the speedboat (aka the laundry basket).
"Daddy, I'll help you check on the trash at the curb." Ian
"Did you say you needed this bucket?" Ian
Ian loves to close doors--even the pantry door.

Fun With Friends

Ian has enjoyed spending time with many of his friends during the past few weeks. Look for these three (Ian, Micah, and Eli) on the basketball court together someday.
Melissa is a good teacher. Here, she is showing Ian the art of pumping her legs to keep the swing moving.
Caleb B. is a friend that we sit with most Sunday mornings in church. Looks like fun, guys!
Ian and Brooke take a break from playing in the pool to look at the camera.
What is it about those colored plastic pieces that link together? Maybe we should ask Annie and Ian for the answer.
Caleb L. and Ian hanging out in the kitchen.
Balloons and static electricity (thanks for demonstrating, Ian) at the Shutterfly party.
Fun times at the park with Caleb B.